Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Imitation Game: A Knitter's Review

The Imitation Game hardly needs this humble film fan to heap praise on it's artistry, acting, or storytelling. Although, I assure you I could. The only complaint I have is that there is a continuity error early in the film that only a knitter would catch. There is a scene in which Alan Turing's coworkers invite him to lunch. He is wearing a slate blue cable knit sweater vest. Later in the scene he is wearing a slate blue ribbed sweater. I leaned over to my friend and whispered, "Those bastards didn't think we'd notice." If I'm being honest... I doubt she did. Because she is still new to knitting and capable of acting like a normal person.
Same Scene!!!!!!
Since this is a knitting blog I doubt I have to explain the depths of my knitting obsession. You know. You've been there. You know what it is like to watch a movie and find yourself being taken out of the moments on screen because you can't help but think, "I want to knit that." And The Imitation Game is a feast for the hand knitter.

The film takes place in England, a country not known for its warm climate. And with the fuel rationing necessary because of the war people are wearing sweaters in nearly every scene. Beautiful intarsia, fair isle, the aforementioned sweater vests, etc. JUMPERS, as our friends from the other side of the pond would say. Jumpers as far as the eye can see.

A Google search for pictures is very disappointing, but I assure you it is worth the price of the ticket to not only see an amazing movie, but to feed your yarn lust with early 20th century knitting on display.

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